Thursday, September 17, 2009

Scrapbook usa EXPO.

Just back from the show. It was a lot of fun
seeing all of you. I have several kits that are
still in stock if you would like some let me know.

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Scrapbooking tip

Hi here is a great tip for today:
Remember when ripping paper for you page
to pull toward you for the white to show up.
If you don't want to see the white pull to the
back of the paper. Also some like to use a ruler
when ripping paper.

Kit lists

Hi hope that you all have been having a great year!

Here is a list on some fun kits that will be at the

scrapbook usa exp0 on Sept. 11 and 12 2009.

Kits for 11.50

A kiss will fix anything: Frog

Little monsters

Smile: fashion girl

Crazy bunch: jungle animals

and meny more,

I will also have Kits for 7.00


let go fly a kite

Oh baby

Growing like a weed

and more. I also have about 50 other kits and
can show you a photo if you would like.


Monday, October 13, 2008

New Show

News Yes I will be at the St George Scrapbook USA
show in Nov. 7th and 8th. SO hope to see you all there.
I will be teaching 2 classes: What a turkey is a 2 page layout
paper piecing of a great turkey. The other class is a fun shelf
Holiday fold out that is so Nice.
Today's Scrapbook tip: I use color box chalk ink on the edges
of my paper piecing, It make your piece pop. So try it remember
that a new ink will be heavy so stamp it on a scrap paper 1st. The older
the ink pad get the softer the look will be and you will love it more.
Hugs Robin

Who is robins design

Hi and welcome to my new blog.
My name is robin and I am a mom, grandma,
and love to scrapbook.
I love the fall and spring and hat the winter!
On this blog I will be letting you all now about
updates and Fun scrapbook tips.
I just finished the Scrapbook USA show and it was so
much fun getting to know you all better.
I had some kit left just let me know if you would like any.
I will get a list on soon.
Hugs Robin